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Individual Ski Lessons

Individual ski lesson in Bardonecchia: our advantages

With our NordOvest high level team, you will learn the best techniques in a short time, thanks to individual lesson from as little as an hour. The advantages of our individual ski lessons in Bardonecchia are many:

  • A ski teacher fully available according to each person’s need
  • Learning the technique quickly with a highly prepared teacher
  • The possibility to choose the timetable and the starting hour
  • Discuss with the ski teacher the lessons according to your goal
  • Choose to join a shared lesson with people at the same level
  • Use the promotion Ski School NordOvest has on individual lessons in Bardonecchia

Enquire for further information booking your first ski lesson. Ski School NordOvest will be glad to fulfill all your wishes.


WEEK – from monday to friday

10-16 € 45
PROMO 9 – 10 e 16 – 17 € 42

CHRISTMAS (from 24/12 to 8/01)
CARNIVAL (from 18/2 to 24/02)

10-16 € 50
PROMO 9 – 10 and 16 – 17 € 46
PROMO 1h1⁄2 9 – 10.30 or 15.30 – 17 € 65


3 – 5 YEARS (excluding Christmas holidays)

Ski lesson + skipass € 60
Free rental!


Individual Ski Lessons in Bardonecchia

Bardonecchia, thanks to its interesting and varied pistes and an extensive snow-making installation, is a true paradise for all skiers, as well as the perfect place to learn how to ski. It is impossible not to be attracted by one of the longest pistes of the Italian Alps; the ski area of Bardonecchia consists of the areas of Colomion, Les Arnaud and Melezet characterised by broad and marked pistes which stretch out like spiderwebs through wooded areas; the memorable slopes in this area present different characteristics but form a uniform network. Overseeing the surrounding mountains in a marvellous panorama, it is impossible not to wish to learn to ski in Bardonecchia. Therefore, Ski School NordOvest only selects the best ski instructors to give individual lessons.

Learning to ski in Bardonecchia: private lessons perfect for you

Bardonecchia has:

  • 22 lifts carrying 30,000 people/h
  • 100km of pistes, of which: 5 Black, 18 Red and 16 Blue
  • 50% of pistes with snow making installation
  • Snow park
  • Cross-country pistes
  • Marked snowshoe paths
  • Ski and Snowboard schools
  • Coordinated first aid
  • Cafès, restaurants and self – service on the slopes
  • Ski and snowboard rentals
  • Train station
  • Ice skating

Amongst the ski and snowboard schools in Bardonecchia, Ski School NordOvest is, without a doubt, one of the best, thanks to our teachers who wholeheartedly transmit their enthusiasm and passion for skiing to all their pupils. Individual ski lessons are particularly advised for those who want to learn to ski and for those who wish to further improve their skills previously learnt in a group lesson. In addition, having a personal coach is excellent for those who might have a fear of skiing and for those who do not want a group lesson since they are shy or feel embarrassed.

During private lessons, our highly qualified team will concentrate totally on each individual, transmitting in a straightforward manner all the necessary ideas to learn this wonderful sport, which can be worrying and dangerous if one has not learnt the correct techniques.

Skiing is one of the most fascinating and historic sports, which incorporates many winter sports sharing the ski as a means of travelling distances on snow covered terrain. Water skiing and grass skiing are included in this group, which use skis but not on snow. Skiing is probably the most ancient means of locomotion invented by man, even before the wheel.

The diffusion of skiing in Italy began in 1886, two centuries after the Scandinavian countries and Lapland. With such historic roots, this sport excites many people every year, in all parts of the world and of any age. However, learning to ski is not always simple, since one needs to learn the right technique. Therefore, individual ski lessons could be the perfect solution to properly learn how to use the correct technique.


Private ski lesson in Bardonecchia, the first step is not to be discouraged

Learning to ski does not occur overnight, although it does not take long to be able to stay upright, especially if you entrust your learning to real professionals, such as those in our ski school. A fundamental and essential step is to choose the correct equipment. Then, thanks to individual lessons with an instructor, you will manage to find your balance and take your fist steps. The easiness will come with time, it is necessary to remember that learning to ski involves knowing the mountain and your physical capabilities. Entrusting all this to our ski school will be a winning choice.


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