Individual snowboard lessons in Bardonecchia

Individual snowboard lessons in Bardonecchia

Whether it is skiing, freestyle, telemark, agonism, old and new school skiing, our ski and snowboard teacher team at Ski School NordOvest is always happy to help you. All these professionals, in fact, are carefully selected and specialised in various sports, disciplines and will be able to make you enjoy the lesson in security, throughout all your descents. Out ski and snowboard teachers at NordOvest are available every day and a special space is given to the snowboard individual lessons in Bardonecchia, to learn or improve the technique in the best way. The individual snowboard lessons in Bardonecchia last at least 1h and will make your staying in the mountains very pleasant, leaving an important mark in the heart of all those who love sports and training on the snow.

5% discount on the purchase of 10 hrs of lessons.
Except from the promos, the price of 1 additional person is 10€/hour, from the third person onwards it is 5€/hour.
All prices shown are for 1 hour, 1 person.
The lesson time is 50 minutes. Bookings can be cancelled without penalties, if done by 17:00 of the previous day. In case of cancellation after the deadline, the booked hours will not be refunded.
Ask now for more information and book your first individual snowboard lesson in Bardonecchia. Ski School Nordovest will be happy to fulfill your every wish.


Individual snowboard lessons in Bardonecchia: our advantages

With our high prepared team at Ski School NordOvest you will learn the right technique in short time, thanks to our individual snowboard lessons starting with 1h. the advantages of our individual lessons are many, amongst which:

  • Have a snowboard teacher always available according to each single person skill level
  • Learn quickly the snowboard technique with a well-prepared teacher
  • Choose the timetable for the lesson that most suits you, deciding what time to start and how long
  • Organise each lesson according to your goal with your teacher
  • Choose to join a shared lesson with people at the same level
  • Use the promotion Ski School NordOvest has on individual lessons in Bardonecchia

Our teacher’s advice: at the beginning it is better to choose midday hours which are warmer, and the snow is softer.
Always seek advice on your equipment! Enquire for further information booking your first snowboard lesson. Ski School NordOvest will be glad to satisfy all your wishes.

Snowboard is a winter sport born in the 60’ in USA. It is difficult to say who ‘invented’ the first snowboard, as men have always tried to descend the snowy mountains sliding on sledges or wooden boards to save time and effort so, it is difficult to indicate one person as the inventor. Of course, the first samples of snowboard are far from how we know it today, but it is said that Burchet was the first to create a real snowboard. The first samples were made in wood with 2 foot stoppers towards the back and a rope that helped to maintain balance. The fact that there were no edges to ensure complete control made it possible to be used only in fresh snow. However, snowboard started to quickly spread in all America thanks to the strong emotions it gave to whoever managed to control it. From then on, the passion for the snowboard has rapidly grown and many today are people who love this discipline all around the world.

Snowboard, though being a quite recent sport, has had such a great success that it has become the second winter sport most practiced after skiing and has entered the winter Olympic sports. Though snowboard can be extremely amusing, it is not easy, and you need to learn the right technique to be able to control speed and falls. Individual lessons in Bardonecchia at Ski School NordOvest are the valid solution for those who want to enter this world, learn and improve and, why not, even arrive at a high level, being able to do freestyle or freeride that have intrigued many athletes and spectators in the years. If you are a mountain lover or not, the individual snowboard lessons in Bardonecchia are chance for growth and training among the most the beautiful ski resorts in Piedmont.



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